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Mind-expanding, thought-provoking stories from some of the best writers in science fiction and fantasy

Solitaire Patterns of the universe in a hand of cards
Space Opera In space, no one hears you go flat on high C
Queen of Angels A nurse to the dying gets a glimpse of the miraculous
Going Under The sinking of the Titanic is the thrill ride of the jaded, seen-it-all future
Thirteen Phantasms A box of old pulp magazines opens a connection across time
His Powder’d Wig, His Crown of Thornes What if the American rebels had lost the war with Britain?
Grand Prix They can rebuild an injured race driver. But of course there’s a price
The Ancient Mind at Work
Open Veins
A Hiss of Dragon
Get A Grip
Coming to Terms with the Great Plague
Cyril Berganske
Paris in June Not all of us are really human, and every once in a while one of us figures that out
Flying Saucer Rock & Roll The Kool-Tones sang so well they drew fans from very far away
Hannibal’s Elephants The aliens landed in Central Park, which was lucky, because some of them were as big as dinosaurs
Love Toys of the Gods Jimmy-Ray said he got taken by a UFO. Oddly enough, his friends all believed him . . .
Exogamy A man and his alien rescuer form an unlikely bond
Against Babylon The alien ships lit fires in the hills around L.A. Was it an invasion or a mistake?
What I Did to Blunt the Alien Invasion He knew the alien invasion was under way, but no one would believe him
Some Strange Desire They use us to sustain their centuries-long lifespans — and in return they fulfill our most intimate fantasies
Kingdom Come The world was coming apart. So was their marriage. And then a doorway opened to another world
Unidentified Objects A young man gets the travel opportunity of a lifetime — if he chooses to take it
They’re Made Out of Meat Why haven’t the aliens contacted us? Maybe this is the answer
The First Contact with the Gorgonids An ill-matched American couple encounter something unexpected in the Australian outback
Amanda and the Alien A teenaged girl teaches a space creature a thing or two about life on Earth
Mr. Goober’s Show Two siblings spent a summer watching a bizarre TV show on a set that wasn’t plugged in . . . and were never the same
Dr. Tilmann’s Consultant A specialist in nervous disorders can’t help his most damaged patients — until a mysterious visitor arrives
Mrs. Jones
Night of the Cooters
Tomorrow’s Child
Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life Can one great artist dream into being a grand career for another?
“US” What other lives might the Lindbergh baby have lived?
The Final Remake of The Return of Little Latin Larry An encounter with a legendary performer of the past doesn’t quite match expectations

The Death of Heroes Things can be complicated for a vampire with a family to take care of . . .

The Girl Detective