Test your resolve in the revolutionary laboratory
Rebel, Rebel

Katniss Everdeen
Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen
Courtesy of Lions Gate Entertainment.
Have you ever imagined yourself storming the Bastille at the dawn of the French Revolution, dumping tea in Boston Harbor at the Boston Tea Party, or confronting the on-rushing tanks alongside pro-democracy demonstrators during the massacre at China’s Tiananmen Square? Have you ever thought of abandoning your worldly possessions and responsibilities, changing your identity, and just hitting the open road?

Most of the time, those who harbor such fantasies simply flirt with danger. These are the folks who perpetrate tiny or secret rebellions — sneaking through the express line at the supermarket with too many items in the cart, or ripping the tag off the mattress. It can make sense to hold back. Your career may be at risk. Your student loan is due. Most of us live with no more than a month of back-up funds in the bank, and risk-taking can seem foolish — especially when good jobs, advancement and upward mobility are difficult to grasp today. Rebellion often brings harrowing consequences, from loss of friends or a job to jail. Sometimes, situations are simply not oppressive enough to bring out the rebel within.

What would it take to bring that revolutionary side of your personality to the surface? This OMNI Mind-Brain Lab gives you a chance to escape the mundane routines of your everyday existence and explore the Rebel within. In a series of thought experiments, you will have the chance to explore your reactions to four very different Rebel scenarios. Whether you find yourself defending the Establishment or taking up the cause of the Rebels, we think you’ll discover some fascinating things about yourself along the way.

If you have any doubt about your ability to comfortably handle this exercise, or have a history of serious psychological problems, please check with your doctor or therapist before you begin. Please note that all characters described herein are purely fictional, and any similarity between these characters and any person living or dead is purely coincidental. Special thanks to Joe Sondow for his insights into this thought experiment.

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