The current state of SF, fantasy, and horror . . . the pleasures of credulous sophistes of the past (and present) . . . literary thrills from beyond the bounds of genre. Our Singularity columnists bring you all this and more. Take a stroll through their bracing, and entertaining, opinions . . .

Angst Boards the Enterprise by Jason Teich (08/18/2016) New
The Dark Reflections of Mr. Robot by Jason Teich (07/18/2016) New
The Apple of Eden as More Than a Metaphor by Paul T. Riddell (12/6/99)
Two Gentlemen from Lexington by Jack Womack (10/11/99)
Happy Thoughts on the Way to Oblivion by
Barry N. Malzberg and Carter Scholz
The Pathos of Genre by Douglas E. Winter (6/23/99)
The Littleton Follies by Lucius Shepard (5/18/99)
Chani and Me. And You. by Howard Waldrop (4/17/99)
High on Cranks by Jack Womack (3/16/99)
Saving Horror by Douglas E. Winter (2/15/99)
The Millennium Cucaracha by Lucius Shepard (1/14/99)
Tilting @ Wordmills by David J. Schow (12/23/98)
The Thrill of Motion by Barry N. Malzberg (11/26/98)
This Space for Advertising by Lucius Shepard (10/14/98)
Jack Womack's Library of Oddities: H. T. Wilkins (9/14/98)
From the Heart's Basement by Barry N. Malzberg (8/16/98)

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