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You Can Still Make a Positive Difference

Is it our imagination, or does the fabric of society appear to be unraveling as we near the new millennium? Crime is running rampant at every level of society. Terrifying new diseases have made even the most intimate relationships between two human beings into a matter of life and death. From insane people firing bullets at the White House, to homeless people lying destitute in the streets, the old images of security we once relied upon in envisioning the future appear to be breaking down.

As old institutions give way to new insecurities, we can expect to see many dangerous new authority figures — from self-appointed cult leaders and would-be visionaries forming new authoritarian movements, to overly-ambitious political figures promising simplistic solutions in exchange for sweeping levels of political reform — moving in to fill the empty spaces formed by the slow dissolution of life as we have known it.

In the struggle against insidious new forms of authoritarianism and dangerous cults that threaten to undermine our freedom, a handful of committed people working together selflessly for the common good can make an enormous difference. Our best hope of leading humanity toward a more profoundly positive destiny may lie in the kind of basic power for fundamental change that can emerge out of mutual cooperation in the service of a more responsive body politic. None of us can make the vital social changes that must take place on our own. It is crucial, therefore, that we support an effective new leadership that will help guide us all toward making the essential changes in our social and political priorities that are the birthright of a free society.

Real change must begin at the grassroots level.

It begins with a commitment to working together with like-minded people who share common goals — whether those goals are economic, social, ecological, spiritual or personal. By working together to support our highest priorities, we can all share in the rewards of a more secure and better world.

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